Alex James Winchell

I am a 19 year old entrepreneur and full-time student. I was born in Minnesota, originally from Cottage Grove, just outside of the Twin Cities. In 2006, my family and I moved to Huntley, Montana, only about 10 miles outside of Billings. I grew up there, in the Yellowstone River Valley, attending Huntley Project High School. While in high school I created a few massively multiplayer online games, the most popular of which is Politics and War. I created and sold a similar game, Pixel Nations, and dabbled in other game creation along the way. I graduated from Huntley Project in 2015, and proceeded to form my own business, Red Road Entertainment LLC as a holding company for my online games. I've since moved back to Minnesota, where I currently reside in Minneapolis. I am now attending the University of Minnesota, majoring in Economics and Computer Science. Outside of managing my business and schoolwork, my time is often spent following politics, at the gym, tinkering with cars, attending sporting events and concerts, and enjoying the outdoors.